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The rash has gotten so bad, that even Raps fans are writing Oden love letters. A few excerpts: "By all accounts, I'm a pretty average dude. I have a job, live in an apartment, have a few friends (very few) and sometimes girls talk to me. [...] Completely average, except for one thing; I have an unhealthy obsession with a top-heavy 82-year-old, seven foot man from Indiana. I'm looking at you Greg Oden. My obsession with Oden goes so far that I actually caught myself looking for jobs in Portland just so I could be closer to the Trail Blazers and follow Oden's career; and I'm a Raptors fan. [...] The guy is just genuine, real, damn good at ball and just makes me smile — makes me smile so much that I can't close my mouth for hours — no, really, it's quite painful." What about you, do you suffer from chronic Odenitis?

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Ball Don't Lie

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