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I realize that today's version of BDL has turned into a bit of a fish hunt, complete with guns and a really tiny barrel, but I can't let Isiah Thomas' latest batch of crazy go un-mocked.

The Chicago Sun-Times spoke with Isiah the other day, down in Miami, which allowed Thomas to dig his "even James Dolan hates you now" hole even deeper.

In discussing the sexual harassment lawsuit levied against him by former Madison Square Garden employee Anucha Browne Sanders, Thomas made sure to point out (in what I'm sure was a completely asked-for and solicited response, from columnist Rick Morrissey) that it was Dolan and MSG that had to pay the eight-figure settlement, and not Thomas. Because that makes everything OK. Even though Thomas admitted under oath to calling her a name I don't really feel like repeating, here. I should also stop here, before I get any angrier.

Here's the quote:

"The jury, I believe, found Madison Square Garden had a hostile work environment and that she was wrongfully terminated,'' he said. ''Basically, the Garden and [Knicks owner] Jim Dolan were ordered to pay $11 million, and everyone else was found liable for contributing to a hostile work environment. I wasn't ordered to pay anything.''

Because, once again, that makes everything OK, as you get chance after chance to try and re-write the history that was pretty capably documented the first time around.

He goes on:

''I couldn't believe I was in the courtroom after everything I had gone through on the West Side -- never having been in a courtroom there, escaping that sort of thing -- and that at the zenith of your career, you find yourself in the courtroom,'' he said. ''It was awful for me. It was awful for our family. It was awful for my wife and kids.''

Isiah, the "zenith of your career" probably took place as your Pistons took home their second NBA championship, in 1990. There may have been happier moments for you as a player -- winning All-Star game MVPs, taking Indiana to a national championship -- but I can safely say that September of 2007 (a month before you were set to coach a twin tubbies attack featuring Eddy Curry(notes) and Zach Randolph(notes)) was hardly the "zenith of your career."

The rest of the column is your typical Isiah claptrap, how nothing can get to him because of what he had to deal with growing up in one of the rougher neighborhoods in America, how his perspective allows him to stay focused through times of storm and stress.

Which I'd probably believe if he weren't using just about every columnist from here to Bangor, Maine, to try and spin some more revisionist history for the punters.

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