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As crazy as it sounds, Mr. Irrelevant and their trusty Pulsar calculator watches hypothesize that Wizards rookie JaVale McGee can dunk on a 12-foot high rim. Now, is this just a case of them watching too many "Epic Vale" highlights? Maybe. But Papa Mottram explains his two-plus-two reasoning:

"McGee's standing reach is 9'6.5" and his vertical is 32.5". Merge the two and you've got 12'3". So it's just simple math, really."

Hold on. Is it just simple math? I have no idea. I forget "BEDLAM". Regardless, the Mottram Bros. might be right. Why? Well, according to the Washington Wizards Blog, the Wiz are installing a new camera above the baskets at the Verizon Center because the current basket cams are too low to capture JaVale McGee in flight.

"... the problem with JaVale when it comes to these pictures is he actually jumps too high. See most players don't have their entire head above the basket, and with his 7'6" wingspan you can't see what he is doing on most of the dunks. Starting Wednesday night, [Wiz team photographer] Ned [Dishman] is working on installing a "JaVale cam" which will be an extra camera that will be put there exclusively for JaVale."

The JaVale Cam. That would make a great band name. Or, you know, a great blog name. Same thing.

UPDATE: Before I receive another ten e-mails: Yes, Photoshopped. Quite poorly, I might add.

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Ball Don't Lie

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