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Earlier this week, TNT announced the addition of the popular shooting game H-O-R-S-E to its NBA All-Star Weekend line-up. Most fans, myself included, were pretty excited about the news. As David Arnott so hilariously put it, "Should be fun for at least one year, until guys get bored and start resorting to corner jumpers."

But like a grilled cheese sandwich without ketchup — yeah, you heard me — I'm not satisfied with just H-O-R-S-E. I want my All-Star Weekend to have it all, man. Extra participants. Better events. More Ernie Johnson.

I want a One-on-One All-Star Weekend Tournament.

Now — obviously — I'm not the first NBA blogger to recommend this idea. Brian Spaeth (a.k.a. The Cavalier) of Brian's Thoughts About Airplanes proposed an impressive One-on-One All-Star Challenge back on his old website years ago. He even set-up a 16-man elimination tournament for people to vote on and everything. He truly was a man ahead of his time, folks.

Well, I'm a man of the time — that can't possibly make sense — which is why, starting tomorrow, Ball Don't Lie will try its very own All-Star Weekend tourney. The only real difference — BDL's tournament will be a massive 32-team two-on-two battle. Yup. Blog big or go home, baby.

(Note: We we're going to do the more "realistic" eight or 16-man one-on-one tourney, but let's be honest, you and I both know it would've ended up LeBron vs. Kobe in the finals. Besides, two-on-two lets us tie in some NBA Jam-like Photoshops. That'll be fun.)

So, the rules to our hypothetical tournament are as follows: it's two-on-two, half-court, offense calls fouls, "winners out" to eleven (by ones and twos), and you've got to win by two.

I'll create the teams tonight (Nate Rob and Lee? Bosh and Bargnani? Lewis and Howard? Let me know if you have any team preferences — Poor Man's GM has solid suggestions), we'll roll out the first-round match-ups tomorrow, and you can vote on which team you think would win in real life.



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