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I know, I know ... another Michael Jordan post, Skeets? Didn't that guy just retire? Yes, yes he did. But look, it was either this or a post about Greg Ostertag trying to make a return to the NBA. Greg Ostertag. This guy. I don't wish that on anybody — except maybe Bibby and Steve Larmer's video game character in "NHL '94."

Anyway, I caught wind of this MJ tidbit via TrueHoop's coffee cup, and I figured it was worth sharing here.

According to Luis Arroyave of The Chicago Tribune, Jordan-related Internet traffic spiked around the time of his induction into the Hall of Fame on Friday, and it had little to do with his speech or shiny silver suit — it was because of his new woman.

"Of the four Jordan-related searches in Google's Hot Trends list for Friday, three involved his date to the ceremony, Yvette Prieto. According to Hot Trends, which measures searches that experience a boost in popularity, the term "Yvette Prieto" was No. 19, "Michael Jordan girlfriend" was No. 21 and "Michael Jordan's girlfriend" was No. 38.

Jordan's mother, Deloris, sat on his right during the ceremony while Prieto sat on his left in a hard-to-miss red dress.

Prieto has previously been spotted with the Bulls legend at NBA All-Star weekend in Phoenix in February and again in May, when she and Jordan wore color-coordinated outfits to the Kentucky Derby."

They really did:

The Cuban model (Pietro, not Jordan's underwear buddy) once dated singer Julio Iglesias Jr. — Enrique's older brother.

According to Miami-Dade County records, the happy couple "co-own" a three-bedroom home that property-appraisal records list as having three bedrooms and 5,500 square feet. They took out a 30-year mortgage worth $196,000 for it.

The more you know ...

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