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Apparently it's fashion week in the NBA as team after team after team are rolling out new uniforms for the upcoming season. The latest franchise to unveil a new kit is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"It's a very nice." — Borat, 2006

But really, these are an excellent upgrade from the Cavaliers' previous uniforms. You know, the ones they debuted when LeBron James(notes) joined the team. With that dude leaving, this season was the perfect time for the ol' switcheroo.

[Photo: See LeBron in his Miami Heat uni]

Like Utah, the Cavs have gone a little retro, incorporating design elements from two of their 1970s uniforms. It's an old-school look, but not so much that it'll look like they're wearing throwbacks every game. Plus, they got rid of that atrocious script that was across the front of their previous jerseys. Now all they need is to figure out some kind of logo that doesn't look like a Tampa Bay Buccaneers rip-off and they'll be golden. Well, wine and golden, but still.

So yeah, great update. Love the colors, love the simplicity, love the fonts and the piping and everything. These are almost as nice as the wine-and-gold throwbacks Cleveland has been known to wear, and that's quite the accomplishment.

Hit the jump to see an illustration of the full uniforms.

[Video: LeBron beaten by teen in 3-point contest]

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