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After getting fined for the second time this season — the latest for cursing out at a fan heckling him — Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis admits it's time to grow up. His plan: Retire the sippy cup, graduate to a "big boy bed," and drop the immature nickname.

"I've been called 'Big Baby' all through my life," said Davis before Monday night's wet and wild Celtics-Clippers game. "But I'm going through changes. I'm in a cocoon and I'm coming out a different player, a different person. Basically, the new person is growth. I'm shedding that 'Big Baby' and you can see something else, not the past."

Glen "Big Butterfly" Davis?


Just a thought.

Davis requested that fans should give him new nickname suggestions via his Twitter page (@GlenDavisNBA). But when The Boston Metro's Jeff Howe suggested "Uno Uno" — Spanish for Davis' No. 11 jersey and in the spirit of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochicinco — the 24-year-old erupted in delight.

"I like that," he said. "I'll be 'Uno Uno.' That's my new name. Don't call me 'Big Baby' any more. 'Uno Uno.' I'm serious. If somebody calls me ('Big Baby'), I'll be really mad. I'm going to blast that out on Twitter and Facebook."

"Uno Uno." Seriously, Glen? Try "Um, no ... Um, no." That is horrible.

I'm positive that the BDL readers can come up with something better. Leave your suggestions below.

One off-the-top-of-my-head suggestion: "Costanza."

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