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I linked to this craziness in yesterday's 10-man rotation, but you really need to see the pics to believe it.

Thanks to a click-happy Wizards fan who recently visited the above oasis, D.C. Sports Bog has photos of the million-dollar pool Gilbert Arenas and his new $111 million contract are currently building. Equal parts awesome and ridiculous, here's a few facts about the man-made lake that'll certainly make you spit out your morning coffee:

* The stone for the "mountain" cost nearly half a million dollars.

* There are three different fish tanks, one going in the "grotto," one in the front hall, and one in the basement. Their normal retail price would have been about another half-million.

* The tank in the basement will have a recess with a couch in it so Gil can "relax and look up at the fish."

I tell you, when some people build pools, they really go off the deep end! (/rim shot, forced Kevin Eubanks laugh)

More pictures, including a mural of Gil standing in front of the White House with a pit bull (!!!), available at the Bog.

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Ball Don't Lie

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