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Do you remember the good old days when Gilbert Arenas(notes) made news for doing cool things on the basketball court? It might be hard to recall, but many, many moons ago Gilbert Arenas was famous for making buzzer-beating shots, scoring 60 points in a shootout with Kobe Bryant(notes) and creating catchphrases like it was a summer job. Now he makes news for things like getting hurt, bringing guns into the locker room and changing his number.

And since it's been a few months since anyone has heard from Gilbert, he decided he needed one last number change before the season started. Why not, right? Thankfully, new Wizards owner Ted Leonsis warned everyone who wanted the newest Gilbert Arenas jersey on his blog.

It is possible, and perhaps likely, that Gilbert Arenas will decide to change his number on his Wizards uniform this coming season. [...]

So, if you purchase a Gilbert Arenas jersey today and his number changes, I wanted to give you all fair warning. I think that is the honest and fair thing to do. So heads up ASAP. I apologize in advance if this number change causes any inconvenience.

Heads up ASAP, for sure, you guys. Even though I guess "heads up ASATMA (as soon as three months ago)" is a little more fitting considering the biggest Arenas fans might have bought his old new jersey when they heard he was switching his number to 6. Oh well, maybe it'll fetch big money on eBay.

Speculation is that Arenas may switch to 13 as a reference to his mother who passed away on March 13. He'd join such Washington stars as Chris Corchiani, Felipe Lopez and Mike James(notes) in wearing the lucky/unlucky number. Truly a legendary number in the nation's capitol.

And of course Gilbert will need another new nickname since Agent Zero really doesn't make any sense after two number changes. I suggest "Rick" because it's just a really good name. Either that or "Ham Sandwich" for maximum laughs.

UPDATE: Gil's going to be wearing 9 next season, according to the Washington Post's Michael Lee and confirmed by Dan Steinberg. No one knows why because Gilbert Arenas is an international man of mystery. Nice work, Jude.

(h/t DC Sports Bog)

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Ball Don't Lie

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