Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Phoenix (4-0) at Orlando (3-1)

You really have to watch it with the Suns.

I honestly try to limit the amount of appearances they make on GtPAt, mainly because they're an easy choice. The team is always going to be fun to watch, they're always going to make for good TV, and I can't honestly argue for flipping past them on the dial any time they're on. Even when they're down 20.

The Suns haven't been down 20 all year, though. They're undefeated, and they're playing quite well. 12th in defense, third in offense, and Steve Nash(notes) looks as potent as ever.

Orlando? They were undefeated, and rather scary looking, until last night. Last night saw tiny Will Bynum(notes) take it to them, endlessly. Lots of penetration, and awful decisions on the other end. They lost - and it was a close one, mind you - to a Pistons team without Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince(notes).

So now both teams get to turn it around, a day later, and take each other on. The Magic have to fly all the way back from Auburn Hills, Michigan. They're at home, but they just dove from Orlando to New Jersey to Toronto to Michigan and back to Orlando in a week.

The Suns spent last night in Miami, after winning a great game. Hmm.

Pay attention. This could be ugly, or it could be fantastic. Gut-check time, in the season's second week. Nice.

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Ball Don't Lie

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