Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Michael Lee of The Washington Post caught this hilarious exchange during last night's uneventful Atlanta Hawks-Washington Wizards preseason game.

It's nothing groundbreaking, but when Flip Saunders starts wearing jogging pants and Air Force 1's with the strap undone, well, we'll know who to blame.

"At the start of the fourth quarter, Fabricio Oberto(notes) was called for fouling former Maryland product Joe Smith(notes). Saunders cursed, saying that the foul call was horse manure. He was immediately handed a technical foul. 'If I got a tech every time I said that, I wouldn't coach a game in this league,' Saunders said.

But Saunders provided more entertainment afterward. When Hawks guard Mo Evans missed the technical foul, Saunders channeled his inner Rasheed Wallace(notes) and shouted, 'Ball don't lie!' The coaches on the bench chuckled.

Smith went up and missed the first free throw and Saunders shouted again, 'Ball don't lie!' Smith missed the next free throw and Saunders shouted, 'Ball really, really, really don't lie!' Sam Cassell(notes) nearly fell out of his chair."

Ah, yes. When Sam Cassell laughs, we all laugh.

Cheers, Unsilent Majority.

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Ball Don't Lie

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