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The 76ers officially welcomed back guard Allen Iverson(notes) during a Thursday afternoon press conference.

Surprisingly, it took just five minutes for A.I.'s eyes to well-up with tears as he tried to talk about his career's progressions and how happy he was to be back in Philadelphia.

Enrico of The 700 Level has Iverson's emotional quotes:

• "I have fans all over the world ... I appreciate them in Memphis, Detroit, Denver, but the relationship I have with these fans [in Philadelphia] is like no other."

• "People here watched me grow as a basketball player. They came in and cheered for me night in and night out, gave me everything that they had. That's why it was easy to give them everything I had."

• "This is one of the realest places in the world. They're passionate about their sports and I gave them everything I had and that's why they responded to me they way they did."

Here's video of Iverson's welcome back presser. Grab a Kleenex.

Iverson will play his first game for the 76ers against Denver on Monday.

Cheers, Littmann.

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