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Playoff basketball is all about intensity and tempers and hard fouls. Or as Kevin Garnett(notes) sees it, just a regular Saturday afternoon. In less than a day, we found out that things haven't changed. That's good.

You know the NBA playoffs have truly begun when Kevin Garnett starts overreacting to minor injustices and picking on people smaller than him. It's good to see that even though his skills are declining, he remains true to himself. That is the true mark of a man, not his insistence on starting fights then running away. Enjoy your inevitable game off, Kev.

However, Garnett's elbow extravaganza wasn't the only instance of PLAYOFF BASKETBALL on Saturday. In fact, it wasn't even the first time tempers flared. That honor goes to a man quite familiar with post-season drama, Sir Brad Miller(notes).

Big ups, Brad Miller. Not a lot of guys are intentionally getting in LeBron James'(notes) way on a one-on-one fast break. Even fewer guys are dropping the hammer. But Brad Miller doesn't care if it's "Mantracker" coming down the lane — if it's the playoffs, he'll take the hard foul. Kinda seems like LeBron wasn't expecting that.

The playoffs are back. That's great news.

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Ball Don't Lie

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