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One of the stranger moments in Thursday night's Orlando Magic domination of the Washington Wizards happened just before the third quarter ended. Dwight Howard(notes) had just drawn a foul off of Hilton Armstrong(notes), gone to the line, and clanged a pair of free throws. It set his mark from the stripe on the night at 9 for 19, and with the Magic safely ahead, Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy pulled Howard from the game.

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Howard, clearly bemused and frustrated all at once, went to the end of the bench, and started doing push-ups. The TNT cameras, as you can see above, clearly caught him. Then the cameras panned away toward live action, but, yep, Dwight was still doing push-ups in the background.

The rumor is that this is some sort of in-house punishment for all those misses, which is understandable because a 9-19 average (47 percent) could really hurt Orlando's championship chances this year. Of course, as you'll see after the jump, Dwight might be upset at having his own dunk attempt rejected earlier in the game by a player perhaps five inches shorter than him.

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But Magic coach Stan Van Gundy seems impressively unaware.

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(All video, screengrabs, and knowledge courtesy the Orlando Sentinel; via Skeets)

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