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Entering Sunday night's Magic loss to the Hawks, Dwight Howard(notes) was averaging 33.333333333333 points per game. I'd round that number off, but it appears as if the sheer amount of thirds of a point has gotten to the Magic big man. The man's got threes on the brain, even if his teammates are only hitting 21.9 percent of their 3-pointers on the series.

And Dwight, on Easter Sunday, was ready to remind you of that flashing "3" that just can't get out of his head. Especially if you're the sort that is on your third cheapie lager that you've bought for three times the grocery store price.

From the AP, with our bolding for emphasis:

Howard came over to the press table to exchange barbs with a couple of trash-talking fans during a break in the third quarter. "You're the biggest whiner in the league," one of them said. "You wanna come out here and play me?" Howard responded. "I'm averaging 33 points a game. Just keep drinking your beer."

Whoa. When thrice goes wrong.

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Ball Don't Lie

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