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Tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. ET you have your last chance to catch Tunisia's most Internet-famous basketball player playing in front of an international audience as Team USA takes on the FIBA Africa bronze medalists on ESPN.

That man — Radhouane Slimane, a.k.a. Jack Rebel Slims.

Think I'm just blowing smoke up your bumbleshoot? Wrongo, bud. This guy's legit. Allow me to prove to you his worth with just a few tasty nuggets from his official FIBA bio.

Radhouane Slimane is a rebel.

He left the National Team in 2007 following the FIBA Africa Championship after having played four continental championships in a row.

Ever since he started in 2001 at the FIBA Africa Championship in Casablanca, Morocco, he has brought his fighting spirit onto the court.

He came back to the Federation President to apologise for his misbehaviour and now is ready for camp and to try to get a place on the team. [...]

He is probably the best player with the best technical skills but his tough play does not always benefit his team.

That's right. This guy is "probably" Tunisia's best player, but sometimes he plays too rough for his own good. In fact, he's such a bad mammajamma that he left the Tunisian national team, only to apologize to the team's president years later because he wanted to get back on court and bust some skulls. That's dedication. He's the Tunisian Paul Millsap(notes), basically, only with a severe case of male pattern baldness.

Oh, basketball-wise? Yeah, he's that dude. Jack Rebel Slims is third on Tunisia in scoring, no bigs. Sure, he's only shooting 26 percent from the field and 1-of-16 from three, but his 82 percent clip from the line proves his shot is fundamentally sound and it's just a matter of time before he gets on a hot streak. It's not like you want him passing anyways, as he's currently rocking a 1:2 assist to turnover ratio, which is kind of amazing. Furthermore, I'm sure you've already guessed it, but Slimane leads Tunisia in rebounding and is second in fouls. Like his bio says, "his tough play does not always benefit his team." So true.

You've got one chance to catch Radhouane Slimane in glorious HD before Tunisia is eliminated from the FIBA World Championship. Don't miss it. If that means you convince your boss that you're sick and need to stay home, so be it. This is a chance to be a part of something important.

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