Ball Don't Lie - NBA

(I'm so sorry.)

Bill Walton here, former NBA M.V.P., calling out to all of you big strong guys to show me some real Bill Walton game! Yes, the first ever Bill Walton Look-And-Sound-Alike Contest is officially on! Costume, make-up, sound effects and synthesizers are allowed, if not required. There are no limiting rules here!

So, if you think you can look like me from the 70's, with my headband, sad and shaggy beard, short-shorts, kneepads and just maybe a tie-dyed Grateful Dead t-shirt, you can be the big winner. And if you think you can sound like me, c'mon, "Throw it down, big man!"

Enter here for your chance to win courtside Bucks' seats and to be in Bill's personal Hall-of-Fame.

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Ball Don't Lie

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