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It was great fun, on Monday morning, to return home to a house with a working Internet connection, an ashtray to tap my cigars into, and Jeff Wade's Twitter account. Because the Dallas media maven was on site as the Dallas Mavericks partied their way into NBA lore following the franchise's first championship. And because pictures like this showed up in his Twitter timeline:

Dirk Nowitzki celebrates his Finals win with a whole lotta champagne

Yes, that's 7-foot Dirk Nowitzki(notes) swigging from a champagne bottle that actually still looks huge even while being swung around his 7-foot frame. This is the same guy that we saw tote around the Finals MVP trophy in Miami on Sunday night, and that piece of hardware still appeared relatively diminutive in his grasp. This bottle suffers from no such complex.

Twelve years after his first NBA game, that's about as well-deserved a gulp as we can imagine. Hopefully Jason Kidd(notes) was around to take the second swig.

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Ball Don't Lie

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