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With 36 seconds remaining in the first half of the Boston Celtics' Game 5 loss to the Orlando Magic, Kendrick Perkins(notes) got called for a pretty bad foul. He then proceeded to act like Kendrick Perkins acts after every single one of his 1,440 career personal fouls. Then he got a technical, his second of the night — see ya, Perk. Peep it.

Immediately following Perkins' ejection, a lot of people rushed to call it the worst technical ever, and some even said that the refs had swung the series. Come on, guys. You get technical fouls for untweetsmanlike conduct, because Perkins may have deserved the call.

As the NBA's rule book states, players are allowed "heat of the moment" reactions, so that's fine. However, they aren't allowed to "air punch, wave off or direct any other similiar gesture directly at an official." You could argue that Perkins' air punch wasn't directly at an official, but neither are the rule book's video examples. It's kind of ambiguous, but it's easy to see how an official could make the call.

Furthermore, according to Hoopworld reporter Alex Kennedy, the Celtics' bench had just been warned by officials right before Perkins swore at the officials. So basically, Perkins' tech was textbook officiating — warning, player swears after a call, technical. It happens all the time.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, the two technicals were the sixth and seventh for Perkins in this year's playoffs. Seven technicals means an automatic one-game suspension, plus another game for each technical after that. However, the NBA has reviewed both technicals, and the second has been rescinded, meaning Perkins is available for Friday night's Game 6 in Boston. I'm more than a little surprised that the first technical was upheld — the one caused by a slip of the hand and inadvertent elbow to Marcin Gortat(notes) — but then again, I'm not in charge of the NBA. As it stands, Perkins' next technical will result in a suspension.

On the bright side, Perkins' ejection cleared the way for Rasheed Wallace(notes) to have an excellent game. Twenty-one points in 18 minutes, with two blocks for the bald-spotted big man. And with Perkins ejected, more Wallace meant more smiling. Stan Van Gundy may hate the guy, but when he's playing hard, he's fun for the whole family.

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