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New Wizards forward Mike Miller(notes) recently wore LeBron James' Nike Zoom Soldier III kicks to practice and was told (jokingly, we think) by teammate DeShawn Stevenson(notes), "We don't wear these around here." (You, Abe Lincoln ... no one!)

James response? Whatever, dude.

From Bob Finnan at The News-Herald:

"Mike is a good friend of mine," said James. "He named his son after my best friend, Maverick (Carter). We have a good history."

James said Miller should lace up his sneakers, though.

"For an unathletic white guy, these are the best shoes to wear," James said [echoing Miller's previous comments].

Two things to love about this trivial exchange, and Shoals does a bang up job of laying 'em out:

For one, Stevenson is now sustained solely by his imaginary rivalry with LeBron. Gil and LeBron is one thing, but with some perspective, it's pretty amazing that we even humored this one in the first place.

Second, how is it that 'Bron and Miller are such good friends? I know Miller was rumored to go to the Cavs at one point, and as this photo demonstrates, they were in the Tournament of the Americas together. I guess that's all it took.

And if I may add a third: How fast can we get Brian Cardinal in a pair of LeBron's kicks?

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Ball Don't Lie

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