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The reason you go vague and nameless with your criticism is that you're allowed all sorts of wiggle room once the criticisms are challenged. Which allows you to deny that a particular criticism, lobbed at someone you passionately criticized to ridiculous effect just months earlier, was the subject of the criticism in question. It even allows you to refute the idea that the criticism in question was even lobbed at a singular subject at all.

Simplified? Most of us think that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert called LeBron James(notes) an "A-Hole" on Twitter last week. Sunday, he denied that the Tweet was sent at LeBron or a single person at all.

Things I liked? Being called a "cat," assuming he's referring to me (or, as Dan likes to say, any type of "specific people"). Also, the idea that a post written in my bed surrounded by adorable kittens and a snoring wife is an example of courage. And yes, we continue to get sillier and sillier. Look at the material we've been handed.

But my favorite part? The idea that "Success/Wealth a big magnifying glass; If U were nice b4 U got em, U now nicer but if U were an A-Hole b4 U got em, U now bigger A-Hole" is one of Dan's "favorite quotes." I grew up with a copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations resting on the back of our commode, and made a point to peruse it quite a bit. Never saw that one.

Also, Dan, people stopped using the word "cyber" to describe various Internet dealings around the same time people stopped using the Comic Sans font. And, while we're speaking in terms relative to that particular era, who do you think Dole is going to pick as his running mate? Jim Edgar, or Jack Kemp?

(H/T: Peter Pattakos from Cleveland Frowns.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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