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All right, I cave. I cannot, in good conscience, sit here any longer and watch this go on without at least trying to help.

Here's the situation: Flash Fox, a mascot for the NBA D-League's Utah Flash, is currently living atop a billboard along southbound I-15 in American Fork in order to boost ticket sales.

He needs our help.

The Fox took residence on the billboard last Friday and refuses to come down until 500 additional Utah Flash season tickets are sold. At last count, he has about 120 tickets to go.

Despite the slow sales, the stubborn mammal appears to be in good spirits. With a small rocking chair, a tent and a laptop, he's stayed busy by chatting with fans online and broadcasting his day-to-day actions over UStream.

I've been watching him on and off all week, and, well, I'm happy to report that not once have I seen him eat any Vaseline ala Stephon Marbury. Thumbs up!

According to the Flash's official website, this is the first time a mascot has taken up temporary residence on a billboard.

Of course, once the desperate Nets' marketing department hears of this we'll have Sly, Brook Lopez(notes) and Devin Harris(notes) up on billboards all over the Garden State Parkway, which is why it's imperative we bring Fox down now!

Buy some tickets, Utah.

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Ball Don't Lie

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