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Differential diagnosis, people. What sticks out of a leg, has five digits and is covered in callouses? No, not a hand, Foreman. And it's not lupus, Cameron. Anything, Chase? No? Typical. C'mon, guys — this one's easy. Follow me while I walk with my cane. Best caption wins House's red and grey ball. Good luck.

Previously, Darryl Dawkins is big.

Winner, JM: "DD: I call this one the Earth-shaker, little boy arm-breaker, the I-ain't-losin' though I may be child abusin', young man went and dissed my rhyme, so I perpetrated some black-on-black crime, and since someone caught it on camera, I may be spending some time in the slammer-a, and though it will cramp my style, Chocolate Thunder may have to lay low for a while, slam."

Runner-up, indeedproceed: "Kid: But mister Dawkins, I'm only six!
Darryl Dawkins: Hey kid, if you can't stand the chocolate thunder then get out of the storm kitchen."

Second runner-up, AndrewH: "Soulja Boy has mistaken Chocolate Thunder for Chocolate Rain. Back to the `re-jumpstart my career with a youtube star collaboration' drawing board."

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Ball Don't Lie

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