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In case you're completely confused, that's Brent Barry (on the left) wearing a Luis Scola wig and Ron Artest (on the right) wearing a detailed Yao Ming body suit as part of the Rockets' Luis Scola Wig Night. (Apparently Ron-Ron got his dates mixed up.) Best caption wins some scissors. Good luck, gentlemen.

After the jump, Michael Phelps meets KG.

Winner, howling fantod:

"No, no, Kevin, I'm sure Paul was just joking. I wouldn't say that my post-competition celebrations are anywhere NEAR as ludicrously overwrought, awkward, or unnecessarily dramatic as yours. Mine just look that much weirder because of the swimming cap and the blinding whiteness."

Co-runner-up, Scott M:
Michael Phelps holds his end of the bargain, luring KG and Pierce into the supplies room just before Game 7 of the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals. "Now, LeBron will surely go with me to Red Lobster," Phelps thinks to himself, as he reaches for the ether.

Co-runner-up, chacharles:
Pierce: So if we repeat again this year, can I trade you my finals MVP trophy for one of your medals?
KG: I will trade you my DOY award for that hat.

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Ball Don't Lie

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