Ball Don't Lie - NBA

These guys know what's up. We all have Tyreke fever. The over-the-backboard thing. The triple-double thing. It's contagious. And that's why we're all wearing these Tyreke Evans(notes) masks. Best caption wins a Tyreke Evans head on a stick, duh. Good luck.

Previously, a couple dudes watching some basketball.

Winner, Zamboni: "In order to avoid the crowds Daniel Tosh and Kevin Smith sometimes go to Bulls games dressed as two people no one wants to talk to."

Runner-up, Mark M.: "Zach: "Is that a black haired flamenco dancer over there?
Adam: " is.. and...she's looking at you. Ah, no, no, she's looking at me...sha la la la la yeah!"

Second runner-up,  Daniel Edwin: "Zack: Oh yeah, look it's a sailboat.
Adam: You saw it, too?! Damn it!
Zack: What?
Adam: I've been staring at this thing for a week now--from opening 'til closing--and I can't see a damn thing."

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Ball Don't Lie

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