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I have no idea what's happening here, but sometimes, when you're browsing the Getty Images archive you stumble across a picture so perfect that it has to see the light of day. So enjoy Darryl Dawkins, a wolf, some cheerleaders, and the mayor of Newark. Best caption wins a beard comb. Good luck.

Previously, Stan Van Gundy is coachin' 'ere.

Winner, Greg: SVG: "... and then we get you a mustache and, boom, we've got our Mario and Luigi costumes. Look I'm just saying think about it."

Runner-up, Andrew: "Stan Van Gundy: Listen, I've got a 1993 Toyota Tercell... It's in great condition - new paint job, AM/FM, tape deck... I can make it yours for five hundred dollars...
Ref: I don't think so...
Stan Van Gundy: Listen, if you call a travel on Dwayne Wade next time down the court... I can cut two hundred bucks off of the cost.
Ref: Let me call you "Ron Jeremy" for the rest of the game, and you've got a deal!"

Second runner-up, will purdue: "svg: I feel the power of the lord almighty; can I get an Amen! With the power of faith I will make this blind sinner see once more! Can I get an Amen!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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