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Hawk forward Josh Smith and Hawks coach Mike Woodson have had an uneasy relationship, to say the least. On top of that, both were rumored to be leaving Atlanta by 2008-09, but the Hawks gave Woodson a contract extension last spring, and matched an offer sheet to retain Smith a few months ago.

So, here are two guys who really didn't think they'd both be here, embracing. Winner gets a seat at the dinner table on Saturday night with David Brent, Lane Kiffin and Al Davis, Jason Kidd and Scott Skiles.

After the jump, your winners from the inaugural Create-a-yearbook photo contest.

From Hambone:

"Wade: 'There are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly.' - Windred Newman."

From Jamie Mottram:

"Marcus Banks: 'I learned this from watching Uncle Rico.'"

From Phantom Balls of Earl:

"Shawn Marion, class of '09.
Favorite Class: Chemistry
Most Likely a hamburger at center court (remember Mr. Riley's class! lol!)
Favorite Quote: 'wut a long stragne trip its been'"

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Ball Don't Lie

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