Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Or not. Teammates mob Rob Kurz — Who? ROB KURZ! — of the Warriors after he hit the game winner against the Bucks at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena on Saturday. As you can see, the Dubs really want that 2008 NBA China Games preseason crown. Best caption wins a Michelina's Honey BBQ Chicken meal, which I'm about to eat right now. Good luck. It smells great.

After the jump, Peja talks, you listen.

Winner, Kobe-Wan Kenobi:

Peja: (loudly) "Ah, yes, the weight room, I've been doing a lot of butt push-ups, I've been working real hard on it during the off-season. I can say it got firm. Super firm." (whispers to reporter) "Is she looking at it now?"

Runner-up, dmueller:
Interviewer: You shaved this morning?

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Ball Don't Lie

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