Ball Don't Lie - NBA

A day after visiting President Obama at The White House, LeBron James(notes) and pop music star Rihanna celebrated the opening of the Carol's Daughter Hand & Foot Spa in New York. (I'm telling Rashard Lewis!) Best caption wins LBJ's embarrassing t-shirt. Good luck. I guess.

After the jump, Kobe, Vanessa and the NBA Finals MVP trophy drive home.

Winner, Jimbo:
Kobe: "What seems to be the problem officer?"
LAPD: "Mr. Bryant, you ran over Kwame Brown(notes) and Smush Parker(notes) about a mile back ..."
Kobe: "So ... what seems to be the problem officer?"

Co-runner-up, Greg W:
"You like this car? Dealer gave it to me for free after I jumped over it."

Co-runner-up, CP:
"Oh, the flag? Just another gift from Chris Wallace. He's a big fan."

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Ball Don't Lie

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