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Forget Starbury, commenter "scottpot29" has it right: "Ron Artest is the most interesting man in the world. 'I don't work out much, but when I do, I prefer to do it with big-breasted party girls in skimpy bikinis. Stay thirsty, my friends.'" Best caption wins a dumbbell and some Kleenex. Good luck.

After the jump, Antawn Jamison checks his fantasty football stats.

Winner, Master Seuss:
Antawn: "What were you doing on that laptop?"
Student: "Changing some players' injury ratings in 2K10 so the Wizards won't suck this year."
Antawn: "So why did you turn the computer around?"
Student: (looks away) "Because I had to traded you for Jermaine O'Neal(notes)."

Co-runner-up, xbmichael:
Jamison looks on as Jefferson Middle School student, Chris, is informed by e-mail of being traded from the 6th grade basketball team to the Miami Heat in exchange for Quentin Richardson(notes).

Co-runner-up, Ol' Leather Pumpkin:
"You mean I've been spelling my own name wrong all these years? I never knew it was spelled 'Jameson'!"

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Ball Don't Lie

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