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If the Los Angeles Lakers do, in fact, win the NBA championship this year, I pray this is the picture they use on their commemorative DVD. From the hypothetical back cover: "This official NBA collectible features exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes locker-room access, and Trevor Ariza's nail clippings!" Best caption wins a bigger towel. Good luck.

After the jump, Nash and D'Ant, together again.

Winner, Brandon G —

Nash: I've been a wreck without you. Sometimes I go to the store and buy every can of Pringles. I miss your musk. I think in 2010 we should get an apartment together.

Co-runner-up, NativeSun:
Mike: Good game Steve.
Steve: Please don't go.
Mike: Steve, I coach them now.
Steve: Seriously, don't go.
Mike: Our plane leaves in a couple of hours, Steve. I gotta go.
Steve: Coach, c'mon. I've got an extra bedroom at my house. Duhon? Lil Nate? You can have my NY flat. I'll give you MVP trophies. I'll stop licking my fingers ... I know you always despised that nasty habbit. Please.
Mike: Bye Steve. See you in 2010.
Steve: Coach ... then just hold me a second longer.

Co-runner-up, Brendan K:
Whatever Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of "Lost in Translation." THAT'S what JUST happened here.

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Ball Don't Lie

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