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It all used to be so simple for Dwyane Wade(notes). Way back in 2003, before the title, gold medal and massive free-agent contract, things were good. He'd just throw on a lei and flowered shirt, call up Caron Butler(notes) and just switch into chill mode. Those were the days. Not a care in the world. Oh, to be young again. Best caption wins one of those shirts. Good luck.

Previously, Mike Dunleavy, Jr. shakes on it.

Winner, SundayRed85: "Kid: 'Hurry, dad! Take the picture. I can't believe I got to meet Luke Walton!'"(notes)

Runner-up, Geoffrey: "When you're an eight-year-old basketball fan from New York, it's hard to hide the thrill of meeting any NBA player that hasn't played for the Knicks."

Second runner-up, Jamaul Crawford...: "Kid: Hey, Are you a baseball player?
Dunleavy: No, I am a...
Kid: I Know! Your a kicker for an NFL team?
Dunleavy: Ha, No I actually play basketball
Kid: really? wow...Who do you play for?
Dunleavy: Indiana Pacers
Kid: ...Oh that explains it"

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Ball Don't Lie

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