Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Lakers forward Lamar Odom(notes) checks the The Breakfast of Champions' sugar content during the postgame news conference after L.A. defeated Orlando to win the '09 title. Best caption wins some milk. Good luck.

After the jump, Magic fan Hulk Hogan shows off the 24-inch pythons.

Winner, Tito:
"You know something, Hulkamaniacs? I've taken out many enemies across the NBA. I've taken out Baron "The Ultimate Warrior" Davis. I've taken out the "Mega Bucks" Micheal Redd and Andrew Bogut(notes). I've even taken out LeBron "The King" James. Now there's one person standing in my way. Kobe "The Snake" Bryant. So, whatcha gonna do Mamba? Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania and the Magic— what do you mean we lost? Really? OK then, whatcha gonna do Mamba, when the Magic roll over because of you?"

Co-runner-up, JM:
"And this, Jameer, is what a strong contest of a three-point shot looks like."

Co-runner-up, The Coffee Machine:
"You guys got some tickets ... to the GUN SHOW? Seriously, I lost mine in the divorce."

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Ball Don't Lie

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