Ball Don't Lie - NBA

I think we all know why Kobe Bryant(notes) looks so confused — he's trying to figure out the writing behind him. Way too confusing for a Westerner like Kobes to figure out. Of course, if there's a better explanation for his befuddlement, you win a prize. Not sure what it is yet, but you'll definitely (not) receive it in the mail. Good luck.

Previously, Dell Demps is like, "zoinks."

Winner, RMJ = Hero: "Where will you be your laxative kicks in?"

Runner-up, Sean: "Oblivious to the press conference, Dell Dumps wonders why he neglected to save room for an I block in his game of Mind Tetris."

Second runner-up, Buck: "Don't say no to the puppy dog look, Chris. Pwease don't leave. Pweeeeaaaaaase?"

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Ball Don't Lie

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