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No one ever expects to see Nate Robinson(notes) take the court, and when they do, they usually have a hard time spotting him. Sometimes you need your best friend in the whole world to help you find him when he gets mixed up with all those big guys. That's what best friends are for. Best caption wins a pair of shoes to match these bros. Good luck.

Previously, Kobe does a bad MJ impression.

Winner, Morgan: "KB: 'I think Shaq had corn for dinner.'"

Runner-up, Magic32: "No, Kobe I don't think you'd make a great Gene Simmons."

Second runner-up, Scott: "KB: I ate all my peas, see Derek? Can I have my desert now?
DF: I saw you feeding them to Adam Morrisson under the table again, don't even try and pull that on me mister."

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Ball Don't Lie

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