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A few of you e-mailed asking to C-A-C this photo of Andrei Kirilenko and Ronnie Brewer "celebrating a foul" called against the Warriors' on Sunday ... so here it is, Allan, Franco and "Mr. Potato Luther Head." (Great handle.) Now get funny with it. Best caption/imaginary conversation wins gum.

After the jump, Phil, Spike, Kobe and Pau.

Winner, Boom:
Spike: So was it the shoes?
Phil: No, it was the relationship that Michael, Scottie, and I shared. And in later years Kobe, Shaq, and I.
Spike: So what happened last year?
Phil: Lets just say Pau doesn't like to "meditate" ...

Co-runner-up, Enjoy the Lakeshow:
Spike: I was nominated for an Oscar for "Do the Right Thing."
Phil: I won 9 NBA championships, the NBA Coach of the Year, and I'm in the Hall of Fame.
Spike: (pause) I made a movie with Denzel.

Co-runner-up, Fight Doctor:
Spike: Think about it, Phil: Kobe, Pau ... "White Men Can't Jump 2."

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Ball Don't Lie

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