Ball Don't Lie - NBA

"Mike Bibby #10 of the Atlanta Hawks tries to shoot a free throw as the Boston fans try to distract him." Oh, Getty Images, your waterdowned bylines make me chuckle. Anyone out there think they can do better? Best heckle/caption wins a box of sticks and stones. Try to keep 'em semi-clean.

After the jump, Sam Mitchell screams sweet-nothings to Calderon.

Winner, akBeezy:

Mitchell: This guy is trying to photograph us.
Calderon: Quick, pretend like you're a coach.

Runner-up, Phantom Balls of Earl:
Mitchell: I'm slipping a switchblade into your shorts. Sharper than my sideburn. You know what to do.
Calderon: Viva El Smitch!

Second runner-up, Kevin V:
Mitchell: LOUD NOISES!!!

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Ball Don't Lie

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