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On Sunday, Portland Trail Blazer star-in-waiting Greg Oden dropped by the San Diego Comic-Con to promote the launch of Takehiko Inoue's Slam Dunk — one of the most popular sports manga series ever published. Unfortunately, Comic-Con personnel didn't have time to install a moat, so they hid Oden behind a circular desk to keep away the rugrats. Best caption wins bifocals.

After the jump, Kobe and LeBron take questions.

Winner, mark i:

Interviewer: You two are pretty natural together. Maybe you should do a movie. Like "Bad Boys 3."
Kobe: Naw, man. You can't have two Will Smiths in "Bad Boys." One of us would have to pair up with like, Boobie Gibson or ... (LeBron busts out laughing) ... what? What happened?
LeBron: (gasping for air) I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... it's just ... that never gets old. You said ... you said "Boobie."

Runner-up, Dick Smothers:
Kobe: "And this is the man that single-handedly killed the giant man-eating snake ... with his bare hands!"
LeBron: "Kobe skinned it and made a couch out of it, though."

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Ball Don't Lie

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