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Shocked, I tell you! Via BDL reader "David W" — who may or may not be David West himself — Hornets forward "David W" reacts with just a little bit of surprise at an official's call as 76ers forward Marreese Speights points to the heavens. Best caption wins LeapFrog's Learn & Groove Musical Table. Good luck, West.

After the jump, a dingo will most definitely not eat D-Will's baby.

Winner, Brandon G:
Williams: "I understand. Sloan can be hard on young players. At least you're not playing for Miami and get to keep that stylish headband."

Co-runner-up, All That Jazz:
DW: "Shhhh, Shhhh ... there there, baby ... don't worry. I'm great at handling girls, just look at my personal record against CP3, T-Mac and Carmelo."

Co-runner-up, curtis:
Perennial All-Star snub Deron Williams comforts Mo Williams earlier this year following the initial announcement of NBA All-Stars.

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Ball Don't Lie

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