Ball Don't Lie - NBA

I'm pretty impressed that Hollywood got Chevy Chase and Martin Short to reprise their roles as Dusty Bottoms and Ned Niederlander, and even more so that they were planted at a Suns game. However, I'm a little surprised Steve Martin didn't come back. Maybe he was against the mustaches. Best caption wins "Three Amigos." Good luck.

Previously, Jerry Stackhouse talks about pleats.

Winner, Phoenix_Furion: "Jerry "Bubba" Stackhouse:
Anyway, like I was sayin', there's all kinds of vaccines. There's a polio vaccine, measles vaccine, cholera vaccine, Hepatitis A and B vaccines, vaccine gumbo, deep-fried vaccine, vaccine and potatoes, vaccine sandwich. That's - that's about it.
Forrest Gump:
I think one of those vaccines just jumped up and bit me in the buttocks."

Runner-up, Bogesz j: "We have reached the final round of this years national spelling bee. Next contestant, your word is: Next Jordan"
"Can I get a definition, please?"

Second runner-up, Casey: "because of your support, we can afford microphones like this and I can put my hands wherever I want to. I will keep them behind me because this is charity. if they'd pay me, oh- you'd see some hands"

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Ball Don't Lie

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