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Sometimes, when you're in Spain getting ready for a huge international basketball tournament, you have to go shopping for towels on the street. And then, whatever you buy has to fit into a tiny green bag because it helps the environment. Chauncey Billups(notes) and Lamar Odom(notes) get it. But what in the world is in that bag? What's he got in that bag? Best solution wins Ludacris. Good luck.

Previously, Danny Granger took several chill pills.

Winner, Kibbitz: "Lone Granger, Lonnne Grangerrr... hey I get that now!"

Runner-up, Hksaram: "DG: I'm not playing till I'm traded to a contender. I have narrowed my choices to 6 countries: China, France, Canada, Germany, Greece, or Puerto Rico. I will be meeting with all 6 countries in the next few days and I will give you my decision on a 1 hour world telecast special on ESPN Deportes."

Second runner-up, tom.foolery14: "These shorts are awkwardly tight."

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Ball Don't Lie

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