Ball Don't Lie - NBA

"Smiling" Mike Conley(notes) is making a mistake here. Everyone knows you don't get between Brook Lopez(notes) and his favorite ball, "Ball-y." Even if you do get it away from him, he's just going to cry about it until he gets it back. Best caption wins Dr. House's ball. Good luck.

Previously, Kobe and Vince go breakdancing.

Winner, Dennis: "VC: Why you been acting so messed up towards me?
KB: Why you been acting so messed up towards ME?
VC: Well, you go first.
KB: I don't know maybe I felt a little threatened or something because your career is just kind of blossoming and mine is kind of winding down or whatever.
VC: And I felt like this guy is really hurting me. And it hurt! You're Kobe Bryant(notes)! I freaking worship you man!
KB: I'm sorry I was whack.
VC: I was whack.
Cue dance sequence

Runner up, gaborik10m: "VC: Hadouken!
KB: Shoryuken!

Second runner-up, Robert C: "Kobe's arm pit sweat avoidance skills are second to none." 

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Ball Don't Lie

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