Ball Don't Lie - NBA

... blah blah blah. I expect something a lot more original from you folks regarding this photo of Kobe Bryant blocking Chauncey Billups' sweaty vision. So don't let me down, OK? Best caption/imaginary conversation wins a Coke. Maybe two. Good luck.

After the jump, Kenyon Martin wants everyone to just chill out for a second.

Winner, rccostner:
Say 'hi' to your mother for me. Her lipstick is still on my neck.

Co-runner-up, my3points_killz:
Close your eyes for a minute. Now picture yourself owning a timeshare in Chula Vista.

Co-runner-up, Jimbo:
I'm only telling you this because I like you — I've got the immunity idol. I say let's vote that freak'n Birdman off the team and you can join OUR crew!

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Ball Don't Lie

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