Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Here's an odd photo: Milwaukee Bucks rookie Joe Alexander meets with members of the media from Guangzhou and Beijing, China during a teleconference using the Cisco TelePresence system in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps Joe is producing a Chinese version of the Truman Show. Best caption wins ONE ... BILLION ... DOLLARS! Muahahahaha ... um, good luck.

After the jump, President Bush welcomes the Celtics to the White House.

Winner, Roger Mason Jr. = Hero:

Paul, any chance we could trade KG to Morgan Stanley?

Runner-up, Neal S:
Bush: "We're havin' fun, right?"
Pierce: "Uh, sure ..."
Bush: "I like you, you like me, right?"
Pierce: "... Okay."
Bush: "Could you mention that to Kanye?"

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Ball Don't Lie

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