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Nobody seethes like Josh Smith(notes) seethes. It's not a loud, overt, Kevin Garnett(notes)/Rasheed Wallace version of anger, all explosive yelling and sprayed shrapnel. It's a long, slow boil that reaches an insane heat that can only be released through feats of unbridled athleticism and/or ill-advised 24-foot jumpers. And this is why I think Smoove would be an interesting (if somewhat against type and certainly under the radar) selection as the new Dolemite, whenever Hollywood inevitably reboots that storied film franchise. I wonder how they'll clean up the line about certain people eating rat soup. Probably CGI, I guess.

Anyway, that's my ball of crazy nonsense. What do you think is making Josh burn? Best caption wins close-shave-improved aerodynamics. Good luck.

In our last adventure of 2010: Bummer Nation, Population: Two Hornets.

Winner, Shlomo Yisrael: Chris Paul(notes): "I miss Peja."

Marcus Thornton(notes): "Samesies."

Runner-up, mr. jones: Thornton: "Dude, this sucks."

Paul: "You're telling me ... I HATE Freeze Tag!"

Second runner-up, give_and_go: Thornton: "They got beignets in Kansas City or San Diego?"

Paul: "Nope. BBQ and Mexican Food."

Thornton: "Hmm. I sure do like beignets, though."

Paul: "So do I, Marcus. So do I."

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Ball Don't Lie

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