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Three-goggles are so two-thousand-and-late, you guys. James Harden(notes) knows that three-cups are where it's at these days.

Not up on three-cups? Hahaha, of course you're not; only really cool guys like me and James Harden are up on it. Three-cups is when you and your best friends all get together at three-time, put the three-kettle on, then fill your three-cups with some nice, hot three and take a drink after "plunging the three-bag" (hitting a long-range jumper).

Very strong next-level three strat, James Harden. Bringing in Alex Blagg to consult on your celebranding has really paid off.

Best caption wins biddy tarot inspiration. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Taj Gibson(notes) opens wide. (Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Winner, Dru: Luol Deng(notes): "Yup, it sure does look like you have some D-Wade stuck in your back teeth there. What about me? Do I got any LeBron in my gums? Feels like something's in there."

Runner-up, Comment: Reptile wins. Flawless victory.

Second runner-up, My Name is Jason: Deng: "Taj, no amount of awesome dunks will turn you into a Pez dispenser."

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Ball Don't Lie

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