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This is nice, huh, Andre Miller(notes)? Yeah, I agree. Man, it feels like forever since we last cast a bemused eye toward an NBA-related photograph and came up with an out-of-context explanation of/witty non-sequitur emanating from/hilarious joke encapsulating the action within it. Like eons and millennia, or at least eight days.

And now, here we are. Reunited and it feels so good, on some "Dear Summer" in the dead of winter. I mean, it must be good if Andre's smiling and throwing up the Sisk 'n' Ebe; he can be something of a prickly sort, you know.

Then again, maybe 'Dre's stoked off something else. What's your guess on what's got him grinnin'? Best caption wins me singing "Return of the Mack" live in your living room. Good luck.

In our last adventure, way back when: I swear, Jerry Sloan's staff is up to something.

Winner, mr. jones: "Quick, everybody show me how you feel about our chances right now!"

Runner-up, Solid as Iraq: The Jazz coaches were shocked when they found out that Kevin Spacey was Keyser Soze the whole time, with the exception of Jerry Sloan, who totally saw it coming.

Second runner-up, notjames116: Jerry Sloan: Silent, but deadly.

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Ball Don't Lie

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