Ball Don't Lie - NBA

I have a lot of faith that Luis Scola(notes) will make this look work. I expect to see multiple pictures of him on The Cobra Snake later this summer after he rocks this hot pink tank at Sonar. Pair it with some darted pipe-legs and you've basically got the perfect outfit for listening to A-Trak spin under the Barcelona sun.

Best caption wins patterns for knitting your own tank top, which is some next-level hipst biz. Good luck.

In our last adventure: No matter how hard DeShawn Stevenson(notes) tries, Rick Carlisle just doesn't seem to get the "I can't feel my face" thing.

Winner, Tony: "Remember to play hard-nosed defense."

Runner-up, Jones6: Facepalm: You're doing it wrong.

Second runner-up, Isaac M: Rick Carlisle tries to thumb his nose at OKC's offense, but Westbrooks the attempt.

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Ball Don't Lie

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