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Create-a-Caption: ‘How about a spoiler alert, you jerk?!?’

We have been OVER this, Carlos Boozer. Once you get past a week, you lose all right to be mad about someone talking about the ending of something you haven't seen. I know you are very busy getting ready to play basketball for the Chicago Bulls all the time, but we can't all just be waiting with bated breath for you to carve out an opening to clear your DVR in a timely fashion. The world continues to spin even if you're standing still.

Plus, it's not like we even learned who killed Rosie Larsen yet, so what did I even SPOIL? And what were you even doing recording that show by the end anyway? Man, get it together, Carlos Boozer.

Best caption wins the only spoiler alert you'll ever need. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers could really use some help carrying this giant invisible sack of peaches.

Create-a-Caption: ‘How about a spoiler alert, you jerk?!?’Winner, Owara Jacksohn: "It's called a power tie. I don't know ... Austin doesn't have as much time to pick out presents as he used to."

Runner-up, E J: "I love KG and all, but can we stop giving him close-ups during games? Kids can lip-read, man."

Second runner-up, Give_and_go: "Am I worried about an 0-3 start? Of course not! We play in the Eastern Conference! 5-61 will get us a 6 seed."

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Ball Don't Lie

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