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The NBA offseason is crazy long, and even longer if your favorite team doesn't make the playoffs. With all that time and money on their hands, NBA players are always looking for silly ways to drop a couple thousand dollars here and there.

Chris Kaman(notes) understands all that. He plays for the Clippers, so his season is done around January of every year. And with a contract that pays about $12 million a year, he knows how to spend money. Take, for instance, his Fourth of July fireworks display. It cost $10,000 and it's awesome.

Not a bad little explosion festival to entertain Western Michigan. Not to mention, Chris Kaman is a lot funnier than you'd expect. He's also a lot worse of a driver of trucks with trailers that you'd expect. I assumed he'd be a master of that. Kind of disappointing, actually. Nonetheless, it's good to find out that NBA players are just like us — they also love blowing things up and videotaping the destruction. He'd fit in great with my high school friends.

I'm also pretty sure the Clippers are going to be working some serious "no fireworks" clauses into their contracts after seeing the part where one of Kaman's buddies ties 25 mortar shells together and tells everyone to run as far and as fast as they can. Just a guess, but I'd wager that's not quite up to local fire codes.

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Ball Don't Lie

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